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Trays and Cushions
Cushions, Type DSU-K2,  Cushions, Type DSU-K1

16 Cushions, Type DSU-K2

Size L x W (cm) 46 x 46

30 Cushions, Type DSU-K1

Size L x W (cm) 25 x 25

Available in a range of sizes and strengths, ring for details and latest offers.

Tray and Cushion

6 Trays and 12 Cushions (suitable for the 25cm cushion)

Size W x D x H (cm) 30 x 30 x 8

Absorbency cap (ltr/eac) 27

Order 123-130

Tray mats

Tray mats

Used to effectively catch oil drips from under machines

Available in a range of sizes, ring for details and latest offers.

Barrel cover, Type DSU-ZFA

Barrel cover, Type DSU-ZFA

Absorbs oil, water, cooling abd dissolving material

Fits 205 litre barrels

Diameter 560 mm