Ross Environmental offer a wide range of biodegradable products and industrial cleaning products
Ross Environmental offer a wide range of biodegradable products and industrial cleaning products
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"Bugs That Eat Oil"
On Monday 25th' November, 12 Noon, Harold and Christopher Ross decided to travel to A. Coruna Spain to try to assist with the fuel oil disaster caused by the spillage from the Prestige.
At 4.00 p.m. Ferry booked and Jeep loaded with bioremediation absorbent and liquid clean-up they left Kidderminster for Portsmouth. Bad weather en route delayed arrival until 9.30 p.m, but with plenty of time to catch the 8.00 a.m. sailing for Cacti.

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Arriving in France at 3.00 p.m. they faced an enormous journey through France and Northern Spain to the Disaster Area. The first 7 hours driving took them to Bordeaux for an overnight rest and the following day after another 11 hours on the road, stopping only for fuel and sandwiches they reached their destination A. Coruna. Unfortunately the interpreter arranged for Thursday was delayed but as time was at a premium they decided to proceed alone.
Click here to Enlarge The first port of call was the wild life sanctuary where birds and animals were taken for clean-up and recovery. This centre was manned by volunteers including the vet in charge Joudi Colas - all with little or no experience of the problems they faced. Harold and Chris cleaned-up a dead bird to prove the effectiveness of their product and were promised by the vet that the manager would receive a recommendation to use their product; and to prove his good faith he provided them with other contacts and phone numbers. Local press took literature and photographs
Meeting up with the interpreter at 7.30 p.m. their next course of action was planned - and phone calls were made to Emergency Centres being manned 24 hours per day. The local government officer agreed to a meeting at 9.45 p.m. where the products were demonstrated sensationally.
So much so that the local officer immediately phoned the Director General co-coordinating the spillage and apparently the only person able to make decisions Sr. D. Jose Lopez Sor. He agreed the party should visit his office based near by to repeat the demonstration. At 10.30 p.m. they arrived but Jose had apparently changed his mind telling reception that literature should be left; which would be assessed.
Now armed with the information that Jose would make the decisions, a new cause of influence had to be agreed.
The following day it was decided to visit one of the worst affected areas Muxia. On arrival many clean-up assistants were standing around wearing white protection clothing covered in oil. They approached one of these assistants and asked if they could clean up his dripping wet gloves. He was amazed at the reaction but added, "I'm only a volunteer I have no influence". By this time some French journalists had joined then to watch. They were also impressed and asked for literature and took photos and directed the party to the local clean-up headquarters. Click here to Enlarge
Inside, everywhere was covered with saw dust and oil!! After more demonstrations Harold and Chris were told to visit the local mayor along with a volunteer who had watched the demonstration of absorbing spillage oil and cleaning contaminated items, boots! They were shown the cleaning liquid being used which in large print said "CORROSIVE"!! The local mayor agreed to a meeting saying that any demonstration would have to be on site. He summoned a police car and the party followed.
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Parking on the roadside some 30/40 yards from the sea wall they left the car only to step into a heavy tar like substance several inches thick. Chris immediately broke open a bag of Oil Sponge while Harold sorted out a rake already black and sticky, Chris worked the absorbent into the spillage, now over 1 week old with evidence of J.C.B. work over it, The National TV started to film. After 5 minutes or so the bulk of the demo area was drying out leaving the stone surface black. Eliminator cleaner was then used and within another 5 minutes the surface was as good as new. Click here to Enlarge
The mayor asked some questions along with the press that had joined in, ending in the mayor saying he would have to refer the matter to central government; he dare not make a decision. The mayor left.
Click here to Enlarge Across the bay, the beach still covered in oil, another TV company were filming so the party agreed to approach them. The TV Company were parked in an area where there was no spilling but the roads and pavements were covered in a film of oil from pedestrians shoes and the movement of cars and lorries. Harold showed how this oil film could be removed in seconds. A recording lasting several minutes was made. Having some engine oil with them the party asked if they could demonstrate the Oil Sponge.
The camera rolled, Harold poured onto the road a spillage of the engine oil and Chris absorbed it completely within one minute. The TV crew was very impressed and asked for full details. Similarly another reporter who had watched asked for all the literature. It was now getting late in the day and as it was felt objectives had been achieved the party returned to the Hotel.
Harold and Chris totally fatigued from the last five days decided to take the ferry from Bilbao, Only 7 hours away.
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They duly boarded the ferry for Portsmouth a mere 24 hours away. Regrettably they virtually, immediately, sailed into a force 8 gale with swell up to 10 metres, delaying arrival in Portsmouth by 11 hours and on the sea for 35 hours!! And would you believe no one from Spain has called yet!!!


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