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Client: Westfield Hydraulics (Hydraulic Pump Manufacturer)

Location: Burbank, California USA

Physical Site: Manufacturing, rebuilding and testing of hydraulic pumps.

Influent Type: Hydraulic fluids, white gas, cutting fluids and solvents.

Flow: Generates waste from above products, approx. 275 to 550 gallons per month.

Problem: The generation of waste fluids. The waste is toxic and not allowed to be dumped in a drain line. The waste fluids cost $9.00 to $12.50 per gallon, for pick-up and disposal.

Previous Treatment: Pick-up and Disposal.

Biological Treatment: Provide PDM-7 HC, water, nutrients and aeration. Test was conducted in a 55-gallon drum (Bioreactor).

Biological Objective: The reduction and or elimination of C6 to C10 and C10 to C23 hydrocarbons, leaving wastewater clean enough to meet wastewater guidelines for disposal.

Treatment Results:

Hydrocarbon type: C6 to C10 C10 to C23
Level prior to treatment: 221,000 mg/L 568,000 mg/L
Level after treatment: 2.47 mg/L 1,040 mg/L
Percent reduction of TPH: 99.9% 99.8%
Time frame 15 to 30 days depending on TPH type and PPM

Comments: The fluids are an accumulation of cutting oils, solvents and hydraulic fluids. They are heavy in odor and are flammable in nature. The bioremediated product resulted in an opaque grey liquid with little or no odor, non-flammable and suitable for sewer disposal without penalty. The cost saving were significant.