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Section 1-Product & Company Data

Product Name: Oil Sponge HD Cleaner / Degreaser

Supplier: Ross Environmental Products Ltd
Unit 1B,Cursley Distribution Park
Cursley Lane,Shenstone.Kidderminster,DY10 4DX

Information & Emergencies: 01562 752299

MSDS Prepared: 14 JUN 2003
MSDS Revised: 3rd February 2016

Section 2-Hazardous Ingredient Information
Proprietary blend
Hazard: None per 29CFR Part 1910.1200

Section 3-Hazardous Information
Emergency Overview:
Avoid ingestion, inhalation of spray mist, and contact with skin and eyes.
Physical Hazard: None known.
Health Hazard: Inhalation: May cause eye, nose, and/or throat irritation. Avoid mists, which could be aspirated into lungs.
Eye: May cause moderate irritation.
Skin: Prolonged or repetitive contact may result in irritation such as redness, rash, or dermatitis, if sensitive.
Ingestion: Small amounts such as might come from fingers are not considered toxic.

Section 4-First-Aid Procedures
Remove to fresh air. If difficulty in breathing develops and persists, call a physician
Eye: Remove contact lenses, if worn; flush eyes 10-20 minutes, lifting eyelids during flush. If irritation develops and maintains, seek medical attention.
Skin: Remove and product-contaminated clothing; wash skin thoroughly with soap and water. Launder clothing before re-wearing.
Ingestion: If swallowed, do not induce vomiting which could cause aspiration of liquid into lungs. If person is conscious, call a physician

Section 5-Fire/Explosion hazard
>300 "+ F (estíd)
Flammability: Non-flammable.
Flammability Limits in Air: n.d.
Auto-Ignition Temperature: n.d.
Explosion Data: No sensitivity expected to neither impact nor ambient static charge.
Extinguishing Method/Media: Water spray, foam, other as appropriate to surrounding materials.
Unusual Fire Hazards: None known.
Combustion By-Products: Nitrogen oxides, carbon dioxide, and carbon monoxide typical of burning organic material(s).
Firefighting Equipment: Determined by on-site professionals based upon individual circumstances.

Section 6-Accidental Release Measures
Small Spills:
Absorb with suitable materials; dispose into appropriate waste container/site.
Large Spills: Dike with appropriate material; dispose into appropriate waste container/site.
Personnel Care: Gloves; eye protective, if splashing may occur. Floor may be slippery.
Environmental Care: Non hazardous. No special requirements known.

Section 7-Storage & Handling
Handling/Hygienic Data:
No special requirements.
Storage: Store in original container; keep tightly closed; Store >32"+ F & <200"+ F. Keep away from children.

Section 8-Exposure Controls
Engineering Controls:
No special requirements.
Personal Protection: Eyes: Eye protection where slash potential present.
Skin: Any water resistant glove for sensitive individuals.
Respiratory: As with any liquid, avoid breathing in product mist, should mist occur.
Ingestion: Avoid ingestion.

Section 9-Properties
Red liquid.
Odor: Negligible.
Specific Gravity: 1.01
Vapor Density: (Air=1) >1
pH: 9-10
Solubility in water: 100%
Percent Volatile: >97%
Freezing Point: ca 32"+ F.

Section 10-Stability & Reactivity
Conditions to Avoid: Any materials incompatible with water.
Hazardous Decomposition and/or Polymerization: Will not occur.

Section 11-Toxicity
None known for blend.

Section 12-Environmental Evaluation


Section 13-Disposal
RCRA Classification: If disposed of in its original form, this product does not meet criteria for hazardous waste.
Special: No special requirements.

Section 14-Transportation Requirements
DOT Labeling:
Proper Shipping Name: Detergent n.o.s.
Hazardous Class: n/a.

Section 15-Regulatory Data
OSHA Compliance:
Compliant to 29CFR 1910.1200 and ANSI Z400.1 standards. Meets WHMIS standard.
TSCA: Some components are listed, but blended product requires no import/export declarations.
CERCLA: Not required.
VOC Content: volatile/volume. Negligible: <10g/L

Section 16-Other Information: H.M.I.S.: 1-0-0.

This information provided is based upon information from recognized vendors and data regarding blend is accurate to the extent of our capabilities to ascertain. It is current. While the information is believed to be accurate, Ross makes no representation as to its accuracy, nor its completeness. We advise the user to make his our evaluation and determinations as to whether circumstances of usage, application of product, and disposal are safe and meet governing agency requirements. Information relates only to the product designated herein, and does not relate to any combination with any other material(s), or in any method or process