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Bacteria for the Environment

Advertisements recommending regular changes of bodily bacteria are now accepted as a natural process for good health.

Why then shouldn’t more of us accept bacteria as a means to guard the Environment from the damage of Oil Spills and the hazards associated with them.

At Ross Environmental Products we supply bacteria contained in absorbents, degreasers and tank bio cubes that eat the hydrocarbons contained in petroleum based products.

Major Military Camps, Local Authorities, Blue Chip companies and sole traders have already experienced the efficiency and effectiveness of our BIOREMEDIATION products.

Oil Spill hazards should be as extinct as the “Dodo” using Eliminator Absorbent. Not only is the spill absorbed virtually on contact but because of the process of   BIOREMEDIATION-  the bacteria eating the hydrocarbons in the spill, giving off a water vapour, some carbon dioxide and fatty acid-the “problem” is not transferred somewhere else or to someone else!

Key Features;-

  • Very Fast-seconds to remove spill hazards
  • Absorbs up to 8 times more than clay-therefore 8 times less to dispose of
  • Recyclable in conjunction with a spill station
  • Will not leach into the environment up to saturation point
  • Safe around agriculture and livestock
  • Contains Natural Micro-Organisms
  • Reduces volatility of flammable spills
  • Will absorb most chemicals
  • Reduces your carbon footprint
  • Passes the European 3 point Directive for Landfill
  • Totally Sustainable
  • Include Ross Eliminator as an integral part of your environmental policy ISO 14001 and you can be assured of not only meeting your obligations but exceeding them

Thousands of businesses around Europe continue to defy legislation using a variety of products - rags, sawdust clay etc - which actually enhance the Hazard and in most cases Increase Cost.

Eliminator Absorbent takes literally seconds to remove spills of petrol, kerosene, Diesel, jet fuels, metal working fluid, crude oil, black fuel oil, gas oil, hydraulic oil - leaving a non slip surface in most circumstances.

The absorbent contains millions of hydrocarbon eating microbes per bag which double every twenty minutes when active. Eliminator Absorbent encapsulates and prevents leaching of contaminated liquids, up to saturation point. In simple terms the absorbent turns oil into water vapours, carbon dioxide and fatty acids. Bioremediation is the restoring of a surface or object to a condition that is not harmful to plant or animal life.

Further proof of the increasing influence of Ross Environmental was the award of a “Green Apple Trophy” in the House of Commons on Nov 2003 and 2009.

However in all our considerations for the benefits to the Environment we cannot overlook cost. The absorbent is COST EFFECTIVE, is RECYCLABLE in conjunction with a Spill Station and IT REALLY DOES WORK.

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Ross Eliminator Absorbent
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