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                  SAVE 50% + on Spillage Clean – up

Whilst clay granules are better than nothing in helping with oil spillage they do not absorb – they lift through surface coating. This enables the user to move a hazardous problem elsewhere – leaving a slippery residue, even if the granules are left in place for several days, which could endanger life.

As we all know a hazard becomes even more hazardous the longer it is left unattended.

If confirmation is required refer to Kill Spills the motor cyclist’s representative body.

In a world of dwindling resources clay is non sustainable.

Bag prices vary between £4.00 and £10.00 per bag, add to this the continually increasing charges for landfill disposal and the potential of massive insurance claims for accidents resulting from the slippery residue and a more accurate picture emerges.

So don’t be misled that a 25 Kilo bag costs only £4.00, say.

The question that needs answering first is how much oil does the bag “absorb”.

Eliminator is an absorbent that absorbs up to 8 times more than clay – i.e. 1 Bag of Eliminator will do a better job than 8 Bags of clay.

Eliminator absorbs in seconds leaving no slippery residue. Disposal charges are up to 8 times less and the product is SUSTAINABLE.

Motor Cycle News labelled the product miracle powder.

For those genuinely caring about the environment you will be pleased to hear that Eliminator contains friendly bacteria that feeds on hazardous hydrocarbons contained in most oils – being the greatest contaminant of the water base in the UK.

The bacteria’s feeding effectively changes the hydrocarbons into carbon dioxide and water, i.e. food for the Eliminator when it is being grown as cotton.

So why not SAVE MONEY and help the environment and reduce your carbon footprint?        

Ross Eliminator Absorbent
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