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Eliminator Absorbent

Ross Eliminator Absorbent - Premium Absorbent for the Encapsulation and Bioremediation of Oils, Greases, Fats and Petroleum Based Liquids







Eliminator Absorbent

Eliminator Absorbent is made from reclaimed cotton fibres, nut pith with hydrocarbon eating microbes. Eliminator Absorbent absorbs oil based liquids and most chemicals, while repelling water. Eliminator Absorbent encapsulates and prevents leaching of contaminated liquids up to saturation point. Eliminator Absorbent passes E.P.A. Paint Filter/TCLP Testing. Eliminator Absorbent absorbs up to 8 times more liquid than Clay type products. Not for use on Acids.


  • Absorbs Up to 8 Times More Than "Clay" Type Products
  • Contains Natural Micro-Organisms
  • Safe Around Agriculture and Livestock
  • Fast Absorbing Action
  • Will Absorb Most Chemicals
  • Will Bioremediate Most Hydrocarbons
  • Will Not Leach Into The Environment, Up to Saturation Point
  • Reduces Volatility of Flammable Spills
  • Cost effective
  • Reduces your carbon footprint
  • Totally sustainable
  • Converts hazardous hydrocarbons into water vapour and carbon dioxide
  • Multi purpose absorbent will absorb most liquids but not acid
  • Passes the european 3 point directive for landfill disposal
  • Recyclable in conjunction with a spill station
  • Include ross eliminator as an integral part of your environmental policy ISO 14001 and you can be assured of not only meeting your obligations but exceeding them
  • Certified 100% bio - organic material makes it safe for the environment

Available in the following sizes: 2.2 kgs and 13.6 kgs

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