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Culture strains used in the formulation of PDM-7 products


Listed below are the microbial cultures that are used in the formation of our PDM-7 product line

  • Three strains Bacillus subtilis. One high lipase producing for fats and oils. One high in amylase and protease enzyme production for starch, protein and cellulose reduction. One to reduce noxious odors (H2S).
  • Four strains Bacillus Thuringiensis (non-adapted) for low oxygen facultative degradation environments.
  • One strain Pseudomonas aeruginosa (non-pathogenic adapted to high oil and grease levels.
  • Three strains Arthrobacter sp. for degradation of phenolic and other aromatic compounds.
  • One strain Cellulomonas uda with enhanced cellulase producing capabilities to degrade cellulosic wastes.
  • One strain Bacillus megaterium for general enzyme production.
  • One strain Micrococcus sp. for hydrocarbon and wax degradation.
  • One strain Thiobacillus novellus for sulfide degradation.
  • One strain Saccharomyces cerevisiae (yeast) to produce high level enzymes for breakdown of starches, sugars and other carbohydrates.

Phase III, Inc.'s proprietary production techniques allow for the creation of extremely high culture plate counts. With this process, PHase III, Inc. is able to ship concentrated product to our clients, thus saving substantial freight costs.

I.E.One 8oz. bottle of concentrate makes one 55 gallon drum of finished product with a 108 plate count.

PHase III, Inc. recently sent the equivalent of thirty six 55 gallon drums of product to the Far East by air express for less than $200.00 in 4 days. It would have cost over $4000.00 to ship thirty six 55 gallon drums of product by sea and taken 30 days.