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The Compact Range  
The Ross Environmental range of automatic scrubber driers have been manufactured to meet the exacting demands placed upon them in today's cleaning industry.

Ergonomically designed features and proven high performance makes the Ross Environmental range the perfect choice for both the industrial and commercial cleaning environments such as supermarkets, schools, hospitals, factories and garages etc.
The Compact Range

The Compact Range

Split into three, the Compact, Contractor and Commander ranges are all manufactured from high quality corrosion resistant steel frames, side panels and tanks and should give a lifetime of trouble free use. A further feature common to all three models is that the front and side panels are easily removed so that access for routine servicing is almost instantaneous.
Available in both cable and battery models the compact single brush range of scrubber driers is split into two size groups, with working widths of 43cm (17") and 50cm (20") respectively.
The 170 series has a brush width of 43cm and a clean and dirty water tank capacity of 43 litres each.

The 200 series has identical tank capacities to the previous model but with a larger brush width of 50cm has a higher cleaning workrate of 300 square metres an hour more than the 170 series machines.

Both models are extremely easy and versatile to use and with the large follow up squeegee ensuring that tightest of turning circles the compact range proves to be an absolute winner on small and medium sized areas
TYPE 170CB 170CE 200CB 200CE
Voltage (V) 24 220 24 220
Working Width (mm) 430 430 500 500
Squeegee Width (mm) 680 680 780 780
Brush Diameter (mm) 1x430 1x430 1x500 1x500
Brush Motor (watts) 550 550 550 550
Vacuum Motor (watts) 350 800 350 800
Clean Water Tank (litres) 43 43 43 43
Recovery Tank (litres) 43 43 43 43
Working Time (hours) 2/3 - 2/3 -
Cleaning Capacity (m2/h) 1700 1700 2000 2000
Batteries (traction) (V-Ah) 2x12-100/130 - 2x12-100/130 -
Weight (excl. batt) (kg) 87 87 90 90
Dimensions LxBxH (cm) 96x48x92 96x48x92 97x56x92 97x56x92

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