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Biological Drain Build-Up Remover




PDM-7 DL contains a blend of live, synergetic, all natural Class I Bacteria. These bacteria were specifically chosen for their accelerated ability to metabolize greases, fats, food particles, hair and detergents, converting them into carbon dioxide and water. This formulation was bio-engineered to achieve optimum and rapid broad spectrum multi-use waste degradation performance due to safe and effective biodegradation capabilities.

PDM-7 DL contains a minimum of 108 microorganisms per mlliliter, with the potential to double this population every 20 minutes under ideal conditions of pH, temperature and food source.

Each of the bacterial strains present in PDM-7 DL produces a full range of enzyme systems: amylase, protease, cellulase and lipase. As such, each of the strains has the ability to degrade most organic compounds on its own.

However, the value of using PDM-7 DL synergized bio-blend is derived from the fact that microorganisms produce different types and quantities of enzymes, each having different capabilities. Each bacterial strain is selected based on its ability to produce high quantities of specific waste-degrading enzymes under differing conditions and ranges of temperature, pH and oxygen levels.

The actual process for bacterial strain selection contained in all PDM-7 products is painstakingly complex and an on-going research task. To PHase III, Inc. scientific staff, research and development are an on-going process. This guarantees that you, the customer, will have the best biological products in the marketplace today and tomorrow.


  • Keeps drains free flowing and running at full capacity.
  • Unparalleled resistance to harsh chemicals, detergents, disinfectants, bleaches and sanitizers.
  • Effective odor control since PDM-7 DL has odor destroying microorganisms.
  • While chemical products merely open a small portion of a pipe, the live microbes in PDM-7 DL actually eat the grease and, with continued use, completely opens the pipe.
  • PDM-7 DL is effective against a broad spectrum of compounds including: grease, fats and oils, lipids, detergents, food particles and hair.
  • PDM-7 DL comes in a super concentrated solution. This reduces freight cost to the customer as we are not shipping water. Finished product is achieved by mixing concentrate with water to achieve a consumer product with a 108 per milliliter plate count.
  • PDM-7 DL reduces maintenance of drain lines caused by the build-up of grease.


Pour PDM-7 DL directly into the drain lines. Since PDM-7 DL is natures way of fighting pollution, it is 100% ecologically safe and will not disturb the action of grease traps, septic tanks or sewage disposal systems. It will not harm any surfaces of fixtures it comes in contact with. It is advisable to additionally treat such installations as urinals, garbage grinders and janitorial closets to help accelerate the total drain system cleaning process.


Pipe Size Dosage Frequency
2" 4 oz. 2 times per week
4" 8 oz. 2 times per week
6" 12 oz. 2 times per week
8" 16 oz. 2 times per week

Always apply PDM-7 DL at the end of each day or during the lowest usage period, but only after all other cleanup is completed. Do not pour hot water (160 degree or higher), chlorinated products or disinfectants down drains after treatment with PDM-7 DL as these agents may inactivate the product. During the initial treatment period (4 weeks) prescribed amounts may be exceeded to accelerate the establishment of digestive colonies.

Recommended dosages should be increased proportionately if exceptional usage increases are experienced during any 30 day period.

Drains will flow freer, foul odors will disappear and drain pipes will be restored to their original, free-flowing open diameters.

In addition to regular direct treatment of drains, it is also recommended on a periodic basis to treat dishwahers, janitorial closets, urinals and other areas that are potential problem causing sites even in buildings that are well maintained.

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