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PDM-7 Bio Cubes - Grease Trap

Grease Traps UK

Highly Concentrated Solid with Microbes & Enzymes
(Bacterial Plate Count Approximately 2 Billion C.F.U./Gram)


  1. Restaurant Grease Trap Treatment or other Food Processing Facilities

  2. Septic Tank Maintainer in Residential Home, Institutional or Commercial Facilities

  3. Industrial & Municipal Waste Water Treatments, including Sewage Treatment Plant Lift Stations

  4. Animal or Agricultural Farm Waste Treatments

  5. Odor Elimination by Digesting Odor-Causing Organic Wastes, Stains and Greases

  6. Oil Water Interceptors and Industrial Holding Tanks

  7. Other Related Organic Waste Applications


PDM-7 Bio Cubes - Grease Trap


Type Multiple Bacillus spp. and Arthrobacter spp.
Bacterial Count 2 Billion C.F.U./Gram
Bacterial Activity Facultative
Bacterial Enzyme Production Amylase/Protease/Lipase/Urease/Cellulase/
Bacterial Form Solid Blocks with 99+% Spores
Product Appearance Hard Solid Blocks with Color
Product Fragrance Mint 
Salmonella Negative
Effective pH Range 5 to 10
Effective Temperature Range 40 F to 150 F (5 C to 65 C)
Surfactant Type Biodegradable, Anionic
Flash Point None
Shelf Life

2-3 years in unopened containers and stored at room temperature (70 F or 21 C)


Packaging Sizes 2 lbs. (4/case), 5 lbs. (4/case), 10 lbs. (2/case)

PDM-7 Bio-Cubes Advantages Over Most Liquid Bacterial Products:

  • Most liquid bacterial products contain bacterial plate counts of 50 million C.F.U./ml.

  • PDM-7 Bio-Cubes have 40 times more bacterial concentration than most liquid bacterial products.

  • PDM-7 Bio-Cubes are designed to save money with the latest technology of “Slow Timed Release” method. Based on laboratory testing, the 10 lb. size of PDM-7 Bio-Cube may last 2-3 months in the average restaurant grease trap. The usage longevity will depend on the water flow rate inside the grease trap.

  • Do not need to invest in expensive pumping equipment as is currently used with liquid bacterial products.

  • Easy application.

  • Destroys odors by digesting odor causing organic wastes, stains and greases.

  • Biodegradable, environmentally safe and friendly. 

Bio-Cube Size          Flow Rate     Longevity
2 lb. Bio-Cube    150 KGD 20-30 Days
5 lb. Bio-Cube      250-500 KGD 35-60 Days
10 lb. Bio-Cube      1 MGD  60-75 Days
30 lb. Bio-Cube 1-1.5 MGD   75-90 Days


The PDM-7 Bio-Cube gives round the clock waste degradation treatment with a simple, easy to use system. Simply suspend the Bio-Cube into the treatment area, hanging the Bio-Cube ˝ the way into grease trap, nearest point to inflow pipe. The Bio-Cube will dissolve slowly providing optimal efficiency and treatment. 

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